TOOL & ROD REST - $65.00

This Tool and Glass Rod Rest is Heavy

13 Slots and 3 Height Adjustments for
resting your Tools and Glass Rods in.

It allows for easy access of your tools and
glass rods.

Standard Approximate Length is 16" x 4.5"

Standard Tool Rest Heights
1.5" , 2.5" , 3.5"

Can be Customized to different Lengths
and Heights Upon request.
Add an Extra Rod for $40.00
Tool Bag - $45.00
  • Tool Bag is designed for the artist that wants to store their tools.
  • Durable bag, has 7 pockets, 4" Wide. 3 pockets, 7"/H , 4 pockets , 9"/H.
  • 2 flaps that fold over to protect tools, rolls up , with clip closure and carrying handle.
  • 3 Top Grommets for Hanging.
  • Great for Travelers.
Thank you
Jesse James
Tools NOT Included.
Rod Rest - $7.00
Use it to rest your Glass Rods.
We've changed the angle to make it more useful.
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