Hand Press ( Masher ) - $79.00
  • 5.5" x 6" standard size.
  • Surface ground to be totally flat.
  • Custom sizes can be ordered.
  • Call for Pricing
Ground Joint Holders
  • Ground Joint Holder for 10 ,
    14 and 19 mil ground joints.

  • Male and Female

  • Our Ground joints are
    assembled on a Lathe but
    we Can NOT guarantee
    them to run true.

  • Designed with blow hole
    through holder.

  • 1/4" hose will slide on the
    end of blow tube.
Please Note:
Our Female Joint Holder holds your Male Glass Joint
Our Male Joint Holder holds your Female Glass Joint
Ground Joint Holder, SS Tube - $40.00 each
Ground Joint Holder w/ Wood Handle - $45.00 each
We have Ground
Joint Holders for
10mil joints. - $40.00

We also do them for any
size you need , call for
pricing and info.
GONG Spinning Holder Clips - $10.00 piece
Holds the Female Glass Joint onto our Male GONG , easy on and off action.
$10.00 a Piece or 3 for $25.00
Available for 10's , 14's , and 19's
GONG holders
Not Included
12" Graphite Ground Joint Holder - $95.00 pc
Redo End of Graphite - $15.00 pc
For Lathes , by Chucking up on the
Graphite , this is the only way We
Can Guarantee they Run True.

Once you wear out the end , send it
back to us , we will Re-Machine the
End for $15.00 ,  Please Specify
which holder.

With or Without Stainless Steel Blow
Will Not work with
12" GONG or Wood
NEW - Small Hand Press
( Small Masher ) - $35.00
- 2" x 4" with Wood or Aluminum Handle
- Surface Ground to be totally flat
NEW - CLAW GRABBERS - $25.00 a Piece
Choose either Inside or Outside

These are NOT Made by Blast Shield.  No Warranties.
NEW - Handy Andy Tungsten Piercer - $75.00

This is NOT made by Blast Shield.  No Warranties.
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