"At No Stress Glass we've
spared no expense when it comes to the
safety and comfort of our
glassblowers. The Blast shield is our front
line of defense in the war
against heat exhaustion and harmful metal
fumes and glass particles. I strongly
recommend this tool to any lamp worker
who takes their health
Blast Shield Folks,

I can't say enough about the professional service of this company.   
First, great website, knowledgeable, friendly phone ordering  
experience and quick delivery of package (2 days).  When the package  
arrived you open the box and on top in a clear cellophane sleeve is  
your information on installation, warranty, and receipt.  Nestled in  
the center of the box in a zip lock bag is the blast shield/marver  
product.  After a minute or two it is attached and ready to be used.   
What a beautifully made piece of equipment, easy to use and well  
thought out. What a difference in the heat that is deflected away.  I  
stick my hand on the flame side of the shield at times to get a  
reality check.  The marver, being a 90° piece of graphite is great for  
doing work up close and out of the heat, behind the shield. I do a lot  
of marble work and stand a lot, I would recommend getting the shield a  
little taller than I did (5" x 6") maybe 5" x 7" or 8" to cover the  
flame more.  Other than that, which is my fault for not thinking it  
out before hand, you couldn't ask for a better product or service.   
Great Job!

Scott Thomason
There are multiple benefits to using a blast shield, since we all
work differently, we are impacted by different benefits depending
on how we work and how hot it is where we live. My main benefit,
since I work long days, is that my eyes don't burn at night, and I no
longer see spots. I don't think most people realize how much the
radiant heat dries out your eyes and effects your vision. Another
huge benefit for me is how well it blocks radiant heat with bigger
masses, it gets over 115 degrees here in Redding CA in the
summer, a blast shield has become a must have in my shop! I
would recommend the IR/UV protection, it's well worth it. In
conclusion I would like to personally thank everybody involved
with The Bast Shield for putting out a top notch product, and
having great service!!

Thanks Again       Frankie Hess
Hello, I have your blast shield with IR and UV glass. And I
absolutely love it. I will never blow glass without one again. I live
in Florida and it makes a huge difference with the radiant heat. I
also have the Sopheita blow tube and adjustable torch stand. I use
all three every time I work. The Sopheita is great for my reversals
and blowing into pieces with no blow tube. I use the adjustable
torch stand on my GTT Mirrage to build anything I want at any angle
or position. Thanks for all your great work and commitment to
making the lampworking community superior tools.

Peace - Sasha
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