For Smith and Little Torches.

Choose either 5, 6 ,or 7 jet.
We now have Single-jet & Single EX

Made of Stainless Steel.
5" - $50.00
14" - $70.00
Torch Stand for Smith Torches
Adjustable in height
This torch holder can be used to hold your torch , or lock
the torch into cradle, so you can work off of it.
without base
Base includes rubber feet.
Will Slip into the
Quick Release
Pocket on your
Blast Shield or
Thank You Puck for this Idea !!!/DjPuck
Adaptor for National 3AB Torch - $30.00
$25.00 if bought with Torch Tip

Adapt any of our Torch Tips to a National 3AB Torch
Replacement Knobs for National
3AB Torch - $10.00